AIA Prestige

For affluent individuals like yourself

AIA Prestige is an exclusive, bespoke and comprehensive financial tool that encompasses long-term wealth protection, child education, retirement, critical illness and inheritance plans.

We understand the needs of high-net-worth customers, and designed AIA Prestige to help you plan your finances professionally – whether for high life coverage, flexible and fast underwriting or facilitating medical services.

AIA Prestige - its much more than just an insurance policy.

Who is AIA Prestige for?


Upgrade to AIA Prestige and enjoy a suite of elevated service offerings

  • Access to qualified AIA Prestige Life Advisers and carefully-tailored wealth protection solutions, including estate planning* and will writing*
  • Prioritized services, preferential pricing on selected products and access to exclusive AIA events.
  • Exceptional AIA Prestige concierge services and other offers.

*Related services are provided by third parties

Becoming a customer

You’re eligible for AIA Prestige if you hold AIA policies with a total annualized net premium of US$2,000 or more, according to the conditions and criteria.

Applying for benefits

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