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AIA recruitment Ad 2022_LA03
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Why Joining Life Insurance Career?

What makes AIA Cambodia Elite Academy special?

5-Star Elite Program

The 5-Star Elite Program of AIA Cambodia Elite Academy is an exclusive programmed invested in developing a new generation of highly driven our candidates, by providing best-in-class support and an environment that cultivates a spirit of collaboration, professionalism and wellbeing.

Empowering you to start a rewarding career regardless your current life stage.

Congratulations to COTs & MDRTs

* COT (Court Of The Table) is the global standard of excellence and professionalism internationally recognized in the life insurance and financial services business. COT qualification is equivalent to 3 times of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table).

* MDRT ឬ Million Dollar Round Table is an international standard of excellence for sales agents in finance and insurance sectors around the world.