The personal case management service

At AIA, we know how tough it can be to make a critical life changing decision for the serious medical conditions.

That is why we have enhanced our holistic healthcare proposition by partnering with Teladoc Health to provide a personalised medical support and guidance from diagnosis, treatment, through to recovery.

Our partnership with Teladoc Health will enable our customers to:

  • Receive the detailed review on diagnosis of the disease and radiology scans by multiple experts in the medical filed
  • Access to a panel of multi-disciplinary experts who provide the holistic view of your medical conditions and treatment options
  • Secure your peace of mind about treatment plans and clarifications regarding the following steps
  • Acquire the recommendations from a pool of leading specialists globally
  • Obtain an unlimited access to the physician case managers for the ongoing advice and supports

Who will be benefited from the personal case management service?

This complimentary service is exclusively available to the insured customers​ who already have the policy in force at the point of a case opening or case extension with Recovery Benefit/Critical Illness Benefit sum assured of US$20,000 or above.

What are Teladoc Health able to do for you?

With Teladoc Health’s comprehensive suite of case management services, you can expect high quality, personalised support as follows:

Important note

This Personal Case Management service is not a contractual benefit. Advance Medical Healthcare Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Teladoc Health") is an independent third-party company. AIA (Cambodia) Life Insurance Plc. (“AIA Cambodia”) shall not be responsible or liable for any service, review, product, advice, recommendation, procurement, and solicitation carried out or provided by Teladoc Health (“Teladoc Services”), which are not sold, produced or marketed by AIA. The availability of this Personal Case Management service shall not be construed as any approval, representation, or warranty by AIA Singapore as to the fitness for purpose or quality of the Teladoc Services. All Teladoc Health related statistics and service information stated have been verified by Teladoc Health only.

  1. Please click here for the full list of serious medical conditions that Teladoc Health accepts for personal case management. Eligibility for service is subject to evaluation by AIA and Teladoc Health and the services provided are subject to the terms and conditions of Teladoc Health. 
  2. AIA will only release information on the policy held by a customer to Teladoc Health once the service Enrolment Form has been signed by the said customer.
  3. The Teladoc Health Personal Case Management service is a complimentary service for our insured customers with Customer must have policy in force at the point of a case opening or case extension with Recovery Benefit/Critical Illness Benefit sum assured of US$20,000 or above. Tests, treatments, procedures, devices, or medication recommended by Teladoc Health may be subject to additional charges that are not covered by your plan. Please consult your AIA Life Planner for more details.
  4. The Teladoc Health portal is a third-party site that is not developed, managed, or maintained by AIA. Accordingly, AIA will have no liability for any loss or damage that may arise because of any breakdown, disruption, suspension, termination or unavailability of such site or the services listed under such site.

Insurance plans are underwritten by AIA (Cambodia) Life Insurance Plc. All insurance applications are subject to AIA’s underwriting and acceptance. This is not a contract of insurance. You are advised to read the policy contract for the precise terms and conditions of the plan.