AIA Samrab Sokhapheap

Individual Medical Solution

AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព

The 1st whole life medical plan in Cambodia

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AIA Samrab Sokapheab

The first whole-life medical plan in Cambodia that rewards you for living healthy.

Policy Term

Up to 100yrs

Entry Age

30days - 69yrs

What is AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព (AIA Samrab Sokapheab)?

Why is AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព (AIA Samrab Sokapheab) your best option?

Good health is your wealth, and you deserve the best when it comes to safeguarding your health. This is why a comprehensive medical protection plan is so crucial. AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព provides you holistic solutions that take care of you from diagnosis to recovery while ensuring your out-of-pocket medical expenses are kept to a minimum.

Our plan offers numerous benefits and financial assistance when your immediate needs include:

  • Ease paying for medical bill on hospitalization & surgery costs, including daily room & board charges, meals, daily ICU benefit, prescriptions, professional charges, investigations, and miscellaneous medical charges.
  • Surgical benefits
  • Major organ/bone marrow transplants
  • Emergency Medical Treatment due to accidents; this also covers accidental dental treatment and local road ambulance services
  • Pregnancy complications
  • A wide range of benefits depending on the selected package/plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone aged between 30 days to 69 years.

A medical insurance plan could fund you in immediate financial need and protect your savings.

AIA Cambodia not only protects you from the medical treatment cost, but also rewards you for being in good health and motivate you to continue taking better care of your health. You can use this exclusive benefit to enhance preventive care measures that include health check-ups, vaccinations, dental care etc.

Yes, you can buy an AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព family package and cover your family members under one (1) policy. This is subject to the product’s terms and conditions.

No. AIA continues to renew your policy even upon submission of a large number of medical expenses claims. 

Your premium for the first year is roughly $763.

Your premium for the first year is roughly $107.

This is the maximum amount claimable by each Insured person throughout the lifetime of the coverage. The Lifetime Limit of AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព is two (2) times the Overall Annual Limit.

Co-payment is a payment option applicable for selected plans and is the amount you bear to cover healthcare expenses. The co-payment amount is 10% of the medical expenses covered under AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព

You do not need to pay co-payment after reaching your out-of-pocket limit, which is on a per-disability basis. Per disability refers to any illness or injury from the same cause that includes any complications thereof.

A deductible is the amount of eligible expenses you need to cover yourself before any benefits become payable under this Policy in each policy year.

Example 1: if you bought AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព with a deductible option of $5,000 for each policy year, you would have to cover the first $5,000 of eligible expenses before any Policy benefits become payable. Once the deductible amount of $5,000 is reached, AIA covers all eligible expenses for the rest of the year up to the Overall Annual Limit.

Example 2: you have a company medical plan with a $5,000 Annual Limit and would like to purchase an AIA សម្រាប់សុខភាព 150K Plan with a deductible option of $5,000 to top up your coverage. In this case, you can use the company medical plan to cover the first $5,000 of yearly eligible expenses. Once the deductible amount of $5,000 is reached, AIA covers all eligible expenses for the rest of the year up to the Overall Annual Limit.

Please contact AIA Client Care at +855 86 999 242 or our Telegram AIACambodia bot.

Alternatively, leave your details here to enable AIA Life Planners to contact you. 


To make a claim, login to AIA+ and submit evidence within 90 days of the covered event. For death claims, please contact Client Care at +855 86 999 242, our Telegram AIACambodia bot, or seek support from AIA Life Planners handling the owner’s policy.


Kindly refer to the detailed information in the leaflet Click link Here!