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AIA 100 ការពារ

Boost critical illness protection with a forward-looking plan

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AIA 100 ការពារ

The first critical illness plan in the market that covers up to 118 conditions.

Entry Age

30 days - 60 years old

The rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – 41 million people were killed by NCDs, including some of the world’s biggest killers: cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke), cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease, which is equivalent to 74% of all deaths globally. World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 67.7% of death in Cambodia caused by NCDs in 2019.

AIA 100 ការពារ is a forward-looking plan, specially designed to boost critical illness protection. You can rest assured that your out-of-pocket medical expenses are kept to minimum with holistic solutions that take care of you from diagnosis to recovery.

*Get protection under a basic product from AIA Cambodia that allows the attachment of this AIA 100 ការពារ rider.

Benefits at a glance

Covered events and the corresponding benefits are as illustrated below:

Diabetes Complication Benefit

Up to 20% of Sum-Assured Payout

Early-Stage Critical Illness Benefit

Up to 50% of Sum-Assured Payout

Late-Stage Critical Illness Benefit

Up to 100% of Sum-Assured Payout

The aggregate of the lump sum payments made for Diabetes Complication Benefit, Early-Stage Critical Illness Benefit and Late-Stage Critical Illness Benefit shall not exceed 100% of the Sum Assured of AIA 100 កាពារ. The Family Care Benefit/Death Benefit of the Policy shall be reduced by the amount of Rider benefit paid.

Provide Protection on 10 Critical Illness Groups + 3 Diabetes Complication Conditions + 15 Juvenile Conditions

Waiting Period

Waiting Period means a period of time, expressed in number of days and starting from the Effective Date and during which Critical Illness Event is not covered under this Rider.

This Rider is required 120 (one-hundred and twenty) calendar days waiting period for Diabetes Complication Benefit and Early-Stage Critical Illness Benefit and 90 (ninety) calendar days waiting period for Late-Stage Critical Illness Benefit starting from the Effective Date or Commencement Date of this Rider, whichever is later.

In any case that the Policy Owner request to increase the Rider Sum Assured, the Waiting Period shall be applied for the increased amount after the Effective Date of the new Rider Sum Assured.

Claim Procedure

If the claimant wishes to make a claim, he/she must send AIA the appropriate form and evidence within 90 calendar days from the occurrence of the covered event..  To make a claim, login to AIA+ or contact Client Care at +855 86 999 242, our Telegram AIACambodia Bot, or seek support from AIA Life Planners.

Proof of evidence is a mandatory document to be submitted together with the claim form to AIA, for example: original receipt, medical certificate, medical discharge letter, and/or any related medical document. If the date of admission and the date of discharge are on the same day on the medical discharge letter or medical certificate, a summary MUST mention the Date and Time. All medical documents are to be obtained from a medical facility which is legally licensed to supply medical treatment in the country.


  1. any illness or surgery that is not a Critical Illness defined in Critical Illness Table; or
  2. a Critical Illness Event defined under Diabetes Complication Conditions or Early-Stage Critical Illness or Late-Stage Critical Illness for which the signs or symptoms first occurred within Waiting Period; or
  3. the Critical Illness Event arises directly or indirectly from a Pre-Existing Condition as defined, which existed prior to the Effective Date or Commencement Date of this Rider, whichever is later; or
  4. the Critical Illness Event, where in the Company’s opinion, was caused directly or indirectly by the presence of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and any complications thereof except Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection Due To Blood Transfusion and Occupationally Acquired Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection as defined in Appendix I – Critical Illness Table. The Company reserves the right to require the Insured to undergo a blood test for HIV as a condition precedent to acceptance of any claim. For the purpose of this Rider,
    • the definition of AIDS shall be that used by the World Health Organization in 1987, or any subsequent revision by the World Health Organization of that definition.
    • infection shall be deemed to have occurred where blood or other relevant test(s) indicate in the Company’s opinion either the presence of any HIV or Antibodies to such a Virus. 
  5. any Critical Illness that was Diagnosed due, directly or indirectly, to a congenital defect or disease, which manifested or was Diagnosed before the Insured turned 17 (seventeen) years old, except for conditions specifically covered by this Policy; or
  6. any of the Critical Illness Event is caused by a self-inflicted injury; or
  7. 1.any Critical Illness Event resulting directly from alcohol or drug abuse; or
  8. any Critical Illness Event resulting from a physical or mental condition which existed before the Effective Date or Commencement Date of this Rider (whichever is later) and which was not disclosed in the application for insurance or health statement; or
  9. any event giving rise to a claim on the Insured, caused directly or indirectly by the intentional act of the Policy Owner or any other person(s) who shall be entitled to the benefits payable; or
  10. donation of any of the Insured’s organs; or
  11. engaging in or taking part in driving or riding in any kind of race, underwater activities, or other hazardous pursuit such as mountaineering or potholing or parachuting or bungee jumping; or
  12. entering, exiting, operating, or servicing, or being transported by any aerial device or conveyance except when the Insured is a fare-paying passenger or crew member on a commercial passenger airline on a regular scheduled passenger trip over its established passenger route.

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