AIA AccidentCare

Protect Your Most-Valued Business Asset with An All-Inclusive Accident Solution

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AIA AccidentCare Rider

An accident solution that enables employees to access protection coverage beyond traditional health benefits.

Entry age

30 days - 69 years old


Minimum of 5 members

What is AIA AccidentCare?

AlA AccidentCare is an accident solution that enables employees to access protection coverage beyond traditional health benefits. This all-inclusive solution provides a safety net that protects every employee and their families from financial hardship during difficult times.

This is why employer should consider AIA AccidentCare not as just an optional solution, but an ESSENTIAL.

Why is AIA AccidentCare being an essential solution for every employer choosing for their most-valuable business talents?


Company ABC has learned and considered AIA AccidentCare as the essential solution, which is attached on top of AIA ComCare, for their employees. They decide to purchase this most comprehensive care for their 100 employees believing that this all-inclusive solution will protect their overall health and peace of mind, especially when any unfortunate events occur.

Purchased benefits package of AIA AccidentCare:

What benefits will employees be covered by AIA AccidentCare

Scenario of Accidental Death

Mr. Thareth is 48 years old, a Senior Executive, having a provincial business trip. He passes away after a car accident.

Employee Benefits

After the decease of Mr. Thareth, his family receives a lum sump of US$50,000 or equivalent to 100% of total benefit of Accidental Death from AIA Cambodia as a financial support to his family.

Scenario of Accidental Disability

Mr. Vichetra is 35 years old, a Middle Management. He gets injured by elevator at work which caused him loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand.

Employee Benefits

Mr. Vichetra receives a total expense of US$15,000 or equivalent to 50% of total benefit of Accidental Disability (Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand due to accidental causes).

With the sum of financial support, Mr. Vichetra can ease his financial drain. 

Scenario of Accidental Medical Expense

Mrs. Sothara is 29 years old, a General Staff. She got injured due to an accident during her way to work. 

Employee Benefits

After being sent to hospital, Sothara’s treatments costs US$300, AIA Cambodia reimburses Sothara US$300 under Optional Accidental Medical Expenses Benefit. With an all-inclusive solution from AIA​ Cambodia, she doesn’t encounter financial distress during her treatment in hospital.


AIA AccidentCare is a rider attachable to AIA’s Group Life Product (AIA ComCare)​ for corporates. This rider protects employees and their families against unforeseen financial distress such as medical bill and loss of income due to accidental events. 

AIA AccidentCare is for companies who want to provide extra layer of protection to their talents against unexpected accidents. This rider provides a financial coverage and support in the event of accidents and peace of mind during challenging times. AIA AccidentCare is a great fit to safeguard against life’s unexpected twists and turns. 

There are 3 benefits of AIA AccidentCare:

  • Accidental Death: A lump sum of 100% Sum Assured will be paid if the Insured Member(s) passes away due to accidental causes.
  • Accidental Disability: Partial Disability or Total Disability due to accidental causes are covered (up to 26 accidental disabilities).
  • Accidental Medical Expense: Covers selected medical treatments, hospital charges and licensed nursing services resulting from accidents.

The premium of this product varies by each group of customers. You can contact our distribution team for the premium of your organization.

AIA AccidentCare provides worldwide coverage.

No. AIA AccidentCare can only be bought together with AIA ComCare.

If the claimant wishes to make a claim, they must login to AIA+ and provide evidence within 90 days from the occurrence of the covered event. For a death claim, please contact our Client Care at +855 86 999 242, our AIA Cambodia Telegram Bot, or seek support from the AIA Life Planners of the policy's owner.